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Since the U.S presidential elections, gold prices have been on a rollercoaster. Though gold prices are not at its lowest, some of us are wondering if it’s a good idea to sell gold at this point in time. Well the answer is it depends on your situation. At Cash M Company, we offer loans against

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Trump triumph proves a rollercoaster ride for financial markets

The world watched as the votes were tallied up for the presidential election on November 8th, 2016. Elections usually do trigger a change in the stock market. But this time it was different. Considering how different this presidential campaign was to previous ones, it seemed fitting. Many people, let alone Republicans, and certainly investors did

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Cash M Company offers loans against gold, as well as cash for gold. One of the most frequent questions our clients ask is what the better option is between the two. As far as selling/buying gold is concerned, gold has an open market trading system therefore has a set value which would be honoured anywhere

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Five Interesting Silver Facts! 1 – Silver is the most reflective element, making it exceptionally shiny. Makes sense as to why it’s used for mirrors, telescopes, microscopes and solar cells. 2 – Being one of the first five metals to be discovered, silver has been around since ancient times. 3 – Silver metal can be

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Why is gold so valuable?

It’s no surprise that the world needs some sort of a currency system to handle trade. Since it can be anything, such as stones and metals, why do we always hold gold so valuable compared to other metals? If you really think about it, for almost all major civilizations, gold had been quite steadily used

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1. There is 6 tons of gold in ever cubic kilometer of the ocean. That’s about 10 billion tons of gold in the oceans; however, there’s no known way to economically recover it. 2. The largest gold nugget, named Welcome Stranger (pictured below), was found in Australia, weighing at 152 lbs. 3. A one ounce

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