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Why is gold so valuable?

It’s no surprise that the world needs some sort of a currency system to handle trade. Since it can be anything, such as stones and metals, why do we always hold gold so valuable compared to other metals? If you really think about it, for almost all major civilizations, gold had been quite steadily used

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1. There is 6 tons of gold in ever cubic kilometer of the ocean. That’s about 10 billion tons of gold in the oceans; however, there’s no known way to economically recover it. 2. The largest gold nugget, named Welcome Stranger (pictured below), was found in Australia, weighing at 152 lbs. 3. A one ounce

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Restoring Shine To Gold

We pay thousands of dollars to buy jewelry that looks appealing to us, and get so obsessed with it, we never want to take it off. Now that's great use for your money, however, what tends to happen is our daily chores leave our jewelry looking old and discoloured. This blog post will help in

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Different types of gold

Often we get clients who believe their gold may not be worth as much because of the colour of their gold. We thought we’ll write something to help those individuals out so they have an idea what their valuables are worth. First and foremost, “gold” comes in three main identified colours; yellow, white and rose.

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Q&A: Selling your gold

The to-do list for this coming weekend:   Shovel snow (hopefully not) Start spring cleaning Sell your unwanted scrap gold and jewelry for cold hard cash?   Why not. Gold prices have been on an upward trend from the beginning of 2016 and now would be a good time to sell. But before you do,

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How the presidential elections affect gold prices

According to past experiences, companies are reminding investors that in March 2008 gold prices rose to over $1,000, but dropped to $740 in November when the elections took place. Gold prices will most likely drop in the year leading up to presidential elections, according to Terry Hanlon, President of Dillon Gage Metals. Hanlon also stated

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