Silver prices have to be evaluated based on

purity, origin, and type.

Mexican Silver800$0.25/gr
Sterling Silver925$0.30/gr
Bars and Coins999+$28.00/oz


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We Accept All Types of Silver

Sterling silverware marks

You can identify whether your item is silver plated or sterling by looking at the marks on each piece. All sterling items will have a hallmark indicating the composition. Most often sterling is indicated by a lion passant stamp if the set originated from Britain. In Canada or the USA, it is most often indicated by the word “sterling” which is stamped into each piece.

Silver Jewellery Marking

The “.925” in sterling silver jewellery indicates that 92.5% of the metal is sterling silver, and the remaining 7.5% are alloy metals that may vary from product to product. Most of sterling silver jewellery is made from alloys of silver and copper, however, other metals may be present.
99.9% silver is known as “Fine silver.” 925 Sterling silver jewellery components made in the USA and Canada are often stamped “Sterling.” Goods made for international trade are often marked “925,” indicating the 92.5% fineness. “Coin” silver is used in some countries and may be marked either “900” or “800,” depending on fineness.

Silver Plating

Silver plating was discovered back in 1600s. By using simple electrodes one silver and another copper would cover copper with thin layer of silver. Use of silver is minimal, so is the cost. The silver content in silver plated products is so small, there is no silver value in such products. Most common silver plate marks are: E.P., Electroplate, Plate, S.P., EPNS. We at Cash M Company do not buy silver plated items.

Silver Prices Per Gram

10 Mexican Silver800$0.25
Sterling Silver925$0.30
Pure Silver999$0.35

Silver Bullion Price Per Troy OZ