Checking to see if what you have is either gold, silver, platinum and/or diamonds:

Looking around the house to scrounge up some old jewellery that you might or might not know what they are exactly? Fear not! There are some tactics that you can perform right at home to get a better sense of what you actually have:

  1. Look for a hallmark- A piece of gold will almost always be stamped with a karat denomination (i.e. 18k or .750). Hallmarks are usually located inside the band of rings or on the clasp of chains. They can be pretty small so you may need a magnifying glass. If it is silver, it will be stamped with either .800, .925 or “STER”, indicating that it’s sterling silver. Silverware will almost always be stamped indicating that it is, in fact, silver as well. In the case of platinum, you should look for “PLAT” or “PT950/PT999”.Screenshot-2019-4-10 18K
  2. Look for patches, blotches and/or any discoloration on the item’s surface- If you see different colour spots consistently throughout the surface of the item, it may indicate that the item is plated. Screenshot-2019-4-10 18K(4)
  3. Place a magnet near the item- If the item reacts to the magnet, then the item is not gold. A gold item will not draw to the magnet.magnet-24287_960_720
  4. Rub the potential gold item on a plate- Scrape the item on a ceramic plate. If the streak or mark is gold then it might be gold, but if the mark is black then the item is most likely plated.Screenshot-2019-4-10 18K(2)
  5. Use vinegar- Apply drops of vinegar to the item. If the item starts changing colour then it is not gold, or it is plated. If the item doesn’t change colour then it could be gold.vinegar-cartoon-clipart-1.jpg
  6. Checking to see if what you have is a diamond or not- Check the mount. A real diamond would be mounted on prongs very tight, whereas a fake wouldn’t look as professional (glue would be used sometimes for cheaper costume jewellery). Another quick thing that you can do is to breathe on the stone, such as to fog it like you would a mirror. If the stone fogs then it is not a diamond. A real diamond is a very good heat conductor and would stay clear.fod_test_grande