We, as gold buyers, take it upon ourselves to keep all our clients updated with gold prices. In this post, we will be looking at gold prices in the past few months, as well as April’s forecast for gold prices.
2017 has been so far so good, when it comes to gold. During the initials two months, prices were a little shaky, mainly because of the Trump overtake, and the inconsistency in the market with the dollar value. However, as of March 2017, prices have been pretty consistent and actually rising. As always, we cannot say how much higher or lower it may go, but according to “Investinghaven”, April is a very important month for precious metals because gold and silver are at an important price level. Prices set in April will very likely be pulled through for most of the year.

Again, it is very difficult to be able to forecast anything with precious metals since many factors influence the prices, but for now, we’re hopeful April will be a good month for selling gold!

It has already commenced!