What We Pay

We pay top cash for your gold, up to $57.50/gr for 24K gold jewellery.

Gold WeightPrice / Gram
10 Karat$23.75
14 Karat$33.25
18 Karat$42.75
22 Karat$52.75
24 Karat$57.50
9999 bars & coins$62.50

How it Works

gold jewellery

  • We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewellery.
  • We offer Pawning services (also known as buyback) on Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewellery
  • We will offer instant loan. Its very easy! No credit or job required.

Our Location

9025 Torbram Rd., Brampton, ON L6S 3L2

Loans for Gold

Are you attached to this beautiful piece of jewellery and do not want to sell, but need cash ?

We specialize in short term loans for gold. You can borrow any amount in CASH based on the value of your gold. And you get your gold back when the loan is paid off.

No credit, bad credit, bankruptcy – everybody is welcome ! Approval on the spot.

Getting a loan from us is an easy and convenient way to get cash in a matter of minutes. Simply bring your gold item (collateral) which could be your gold jewellery, coins or bar and get a cash loan against it.

Here is how it works

You bring your gold to our store where one of our trained staff will appraise your item(s) value based on its market value, weight and purity. Then, they will tell you the maximum loan value. It is up to you to borrow any amount up to the maximum loan value!

If you feel like you can not repay your loan in full on the due date, simply come in and renew your loan by paying off just the interest! Meanwhile, your item(s) will be stored in secured storage room or a vault.

Once you are ready to repay the loan, simply come to our store and redeem your item(s).

Why borrow from us?

  • Highest appraisal value for your gold!
  • Secured storage of your item(s) for the period of the loan!
  • No credit history checks!
  • We never report to credit agencies!
  • We can arrange a cash loan in 15 minutes or less!
  • You can have as many outstanding loans with us as you want!
  • Loan amount limited by gold value only, whether it is $500 or $15,000!

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