scrap=gold1-jpgThe to-do list for this coming weekend:


  1. Shovel snow (hopefully not)
  2. Start spring cleaning
  3. Sell your unwanted scrap gold and jewelry for cold hard cash?


Why not.

Gold prices have been on an upward trend from the beginning of 2016 and now would be a good time to sell. But before you do, here are some answers to some common questions we get asked all the time about gold selling:

Q: “Will I get more value based off of what the item is”?

A: No. The items market value is solely based off of what karat it is (purity, i.e.14k, 18k, etc.) and how much it weighs. Any mark up value from when you purchased it is not reflected in what you would be selling it for. Refer back to our home tab to find out what we’re paying per gram.

Q: “Will I get more for yellow or white gold”?

A: It doesn’t matter whether it’s yellow or white gold. The difference is only in the mixture of the additional metals used in yellow gold jewelry. For example, yellow gold usually contains more nickel whereas white gold contains zinc. Other than that you’ll get the same for your buck!

Q: “How can you tell the purity”?

A: The purity of the gold is determined by various testing methods. The purity of gold is usually stamped on the item, whether it is in karats or decimals (i.e. .585 is the equivalent of 14k). However in some cases, the stamp doesn’t exactly correlate with the item’s purity.