Top Five Platinum Facts

– Platinum is one of the most expensive metals in the world because of its rarity. According to Chemicool, there are only about 5 parts per billion by weight in Earth’s crust.
– Because of its physical similarity to silver and white gold, platinum was actually referred to as “white gold” once upon a time. Contradictory to silver, platinum is very resistant to tarnishing. This feature makes platinum a noble metal.
– Platinum is used for many different things including but not limited to jewelry, pacemakers, drugs and magnets. The reason behind its wide range of uses is the fact that platinum is a transition metal and can bond easily with other metals.
– Platinum’s usage dates back to 1557, when an Italian physician described the metal as non-melting “little silver” or platina.
– Majority of platinum is mined in South Africa, followed by Russia and North and South America. Because of how rare platinum actually is, it is only found when mining other metals and are considered byproducts.