• Listed below are our current prices. Gold pricing is changing constantly so please visit this page often for our most up-to-date pricing.
  • We offer some of the highest payouts for scrap gold. Please compare us to other dealers to see for yourself.
  • Please note that we pay for scrap gold only. We are not a precious stone dealer so please be sure to remove any stones in your jewellery that you wish to keep as we do not include these in the weight and purchase price of your gold.


Up to $70.50/gr for 24K gold jewellery

Gold WeightPrice / Gram
10 Karat$29.30
14 Karat$41.10
18 Karat$52.90
22 Karat$64.60
24 Karat$70.50
9999 bars & coins$75.50

Silver prices have to be evaluated based on purity, origin, and type.

10 Mexican Silver800$0.25
Sterling Silver925$0.30
Pure Silver999$0.35


Diamond WeightPrice
0.51ct – 0.70ctupto $600
0.71ct – 0.90ctupto $900
0.91ct – 1.00ctupto $1,200
1.01ct – 1.50ctupto $2,500
1.51ct – 2.00ctupto $6,000
2.01ct – 2.50ctupto $12,000

Loans for Gold

Since Cash M Company’s trained staff values their customers’ time, we appraise your item(s) value based on its market value, weight and purity right on the spot.

You are, then, given a maximum amount of loan for your gold value where you can decide on the amount you wish to borrow, which will be given to you on the same day by cash.

Loans are given out for a maximum of (1) month only.

If you are unable to make the full payment by the due date, a payment arrangement can be made for your convenience, where you can just renew the loan by paying only the interest.