As far as we can remember humanity and its history, gold has always been in the picture and even played a big role in many different areas of life.
The question remains; why is gold so appealing to the eye?
To answer this question, Peter Oakley of Royal College of Arts in the UK, stated “When you think of the color gold, images of grandeur and extravagance are likely to come to mind. For millennia, the metal has adorned crowns and hilts of swords. It has been used to enhance paintings and ornaments to increase their value. In some cultures, gold is a predominant feature of festivals and celebrations. In Eastern cultures, the metal is an integral part of auspicious occasions like marriages and festivals by way of gifts and sacred rituals. Gold also features heavily on the attires of brides and grooms throughout South Asia.
Humans’ fascination with gold is as old as time itself. The scarce material has a certain appeal to it. Empires have flourished by possessing gold, wars have been fought to control regions harboring rich deposits of the metal and treasure hunters and explorers have spent a lifetime in search of it.
But were they fascinated by the metal or its color? The two can be hard to distinguish, there is crossover between gold as a material and gold as a color” he said.
“The two feed off each other. The idea of gold as a color is intimately connected with our idea of gold as a material,” he explained. So, when we think of it as a color, we unconsciously relate to the precious metal — which in turn conjures images of wealth and success.
In the book “Gold: Nature and Culture,” art historian Rebecca Zorach and filmmaker and critic Michael Phillips Jr. write that in the Andean region, “the sharp, eye-catching visual effects of shine, gleam, glint, glitter, glow, and strong colors were all considered the phenomena of sacredness.” These attributes result in gold being closely associated to religions. In fact, in ancient Egypt times, gold was considered to be the “flesh of the gods”.
Furthermore, with the increase use of gold in today’s culture, gold is being flaunted on a regular basis, to obtain a social class.