4 Top Golden Summer Getaways in Canada

by JasonLast updated Jul 5, 2021Category: Canada / Culture & Arts

Canada is full of hidden gems that many people don't know about. Because of that, we compiled the best golden locations that are a summer must-see! From museums that hold natural beauties, to beautiful parks and recreations, Canada is full of surprises!

Cobalt, Ontario

When silver was first discovered here in 1903, it quickly became a busy town. It would later become one of the highest producing area of silver in the world, producing approximately 460 million ounces (more than 13 million kilograms) of silver! That would be worth approximately $13.6 billion today! The technology born in this town would go on to be used in other mining areas, establishing Cobalt as a historic mining site. It's recognized by the government as one of Canada's National Historic Sites. Visitors can explore world’s largest display of silver indoors, and follow the outdoor Heritage Silver Trail in the summer.

Royal Canadian Mint

Operating since 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the world's most recognized manufacturers. And now, you can take a tour and watch how coins are made, see over $1 million dollars in real gold, and even hold a solid gold bar! Not to mention seeing the Guinness world record for producing the world's largest coin. A solid gold coin that weighs 100 kg with a face value of $1 million! You can also book a virtual tour at the Winnipeg location and explore it all from the comfort of your own home!

Royal BC Museum - Gold Rush! El Dorado in British Columbia

Besides the information and history of gold that you can learn, take part in the interactive event! You can search for gold nuggets hidden around, as well as other special treasures! Then enjoy a fun craft event where you make your own bowl of shimmery slime. Then personalize it and take the gold slime home with you! A fun activity for adults and family where they can work together and have something to take home as a summer memory with you!

Timmins Goldfields

Timmins is one of the world's richest goldfields in the world, producing more gold in the last century than any other camp in Canada! Now, the city has transformed former mining sites into gorgeous parks and recreations lands for all to see! One of Canada's best outdoor visits in the summer time, this is a great place to go and enjoy the view. And afterwards, you can explore the mines and history at Timmins Museum and National Exhibition Centre. While the museum is currently closed, they've added an option for virtual tours for all this summer!

As Ontario begins to reopen this summer, we know people are going to be anxious to get back out there and travel. We encourage everyone to continue to stay safe and travel safely. We'll remain open at regular hours for your shopping convenience and are proud to be able to help you during this time.

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