Gold vs Stocks & Other Investments

by JasonLast updated Jan 18, 2021Category: Finance / Gold Market Trends

2020 was a poor year for stocks, which saw Dow Jones hit as low as $18,591.93 in March. While it has recovered, many are still skeptical and wondering if there are better investments. Gold, on the other hand, saw a growth of 17.21% as of today from 1 year ago. It was picked up on as a safe haven that could weather the storm of the pandemic, and quickly became the hottest investment on the market. But what's the best investment choice in 2021?

Company Stocks

Well recently, gold has seen sharp downturns in price, leading more and more investors to cash it in. They're instead looking to more profitable investments, such as Bitcoin and Tesla. Both of these have seen large returns on recent investments, helped in part by investors growing confidence in the markets. While it's impossible to say if they'll continue to grow, it seems safe to say that gold's growth has come to a slow, if not a full halt.

Dividend Stocks

Gold also doesn't provide any dividends. Small payouts to investors are always seen favorably, and many dividend stock funds have gained popularity because of it. While many have slowed down or even stopped issuing dividends altogether due to recent events, many companies are beginning to show profits. And these profits can sometimes be awarded to shareholders through dividend payments.

Savings Accounts & Government Bonds

There are also those who are turning to high yield savings accounts, which are FDIC-insured. They are very safe, perhaps even more so than gold. But will generate very little income. The return is so low in fact, that you run the risk of losing income to inflation. But with government bonds interest rates at a historically low level, many are turning instead to this option. It may not be the most profitable option, but it's one of the safest!

Gold vs other options

All of these options have made gold seem less competitive. Many are beginning to cash their profits and look to new investments. We're proud to be able to offer the highest prices in the GTA for your gold. Whatever your reason to sell is, we're always here to give the most. While our hours have changed due to recent regulations, we will continue to uphold our high health and safety standards and follow all government-issued guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have and to continue to provide you with exceptional service!

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