Ontario's 3 Step Plan For Reopening

by JasonLast updated May 25, 2021Category: Canada / Toronto/GTA

Premier Ford has recently announced that Ontario will be entering a 3 step plan to reopen. However, this is dependent on the number of vaccinations over the coming days. The stay at home order will still expire on June 2, but businesses won't be able to reopen until we enter step one. The government announced that they expect to do so on June 14. The Ford government said they will confirm closer to that date.

Step 1

To enter this step, we have to wait 2 weeks after 60% of the adult population is vaccinated. According to Health Minister Christine Elliott, Ontario's current number is 58%. This step will focus on reopening outdoor activities, including;

  • Outdoor pools and splash pads
  • Camps, playgrounds, parks
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people
  • Outdoor dining of up to 4 per table

Step 2

To enter this step, 70% of adults need to be vaccinated with one dose and 20% vaccinated with two doses. This step will focus on reopening the province to larger gatherings while taking precautions. This includes;

  • Indoor gatherings up to 5 people
  • Outdoor gatherings up to 25 people
  • Outdoor sports and leagues
  • Personal care services (hairdressers, nail salons, spas, etc)
  • Indoor religious services at 15% capacity
  • Essential retailers with 50% capacity
  • Non-essential retailers with 25% capacity
  • Outdoor amusement & water parks
  • Outdoor cinemas, performing arts, events & attractions

Step 3

To enter this step, 70-80% of adults need to be vaccinated with one dose, and 25% with two doses. Aand is focused on getting back to normal. This step includes;

  • No more regulations regarding indoor gatherings
  • Large indoor & outdoor gatherings
  • Indoor sports and gyms
  • Indoor dining
  • Museums, art galleries, & libraries
  • Casinos
  • Indoor seated events & concerts

Schools will continue to teach remotely and there are no current plans to get kids back in schools.

What does this mean for you?

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