The Best Gold Decorations This Christmas Season

by JasonLast updated Dec 1, 2020Category: Canada

With Christmas fast approaching, we made a list of the best gold decorations that you can pick up last minute! While still being affordable, they’re sure to make your guests green with envy… or gold with jealousy!

1. Deidra Stocking

While this one may be more costly than a regular stocking, it’s well worth it! Featuring a plush yarn & gold threads, it’ll make your gift giving this season feel much more elegant than if it was a lower quality stocking.

2. Mistletoe Candle

This gold covered candle will fill your room with the Christmas scents you expect from a real tree. It’ll be the first thing people notice when they walk in and smell the air, you’ll be proud to show off this golden candle.

3. Lenox Holiday Oblong Serving Platter

Possibly the best way to server up a platter is on a nice plate. And what’s nicer than one with a beautiful decoration and 24k gold trim? The only problem is that your guests may be staring at your plates instead of what’s on them!

4. CANVAS Gold Collection Icon Set

Perfect to give your Christmas tree the finishing touches. This year, it’ll really shine bright with the addition of these gold themed ornaments. And any lights on the tree will only help to stand out!

5. Bestgift Santa Hat Christmas Party Hat

And of course, a golden Christmas hat. The best part about this item isn’t just the price (though that definitely helps), it’s that you can wear this all month long! Whether you want to spread some Christmas joy or you just want to keep your ear warm this winter, it’s something you’ll always find handy!

We want to make sure you’re ready this holiday season. And if you find that you might be a little low on funds after all the Christmas shopping this season, we’re here for you. Keep an eye on our website for all the exciting offers and promotions we have to give you more! From all of us at Cash Company, have a safe and happy holidays however you spend it!

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