The different colors of Gold & what they mean

by JasonLast updated Oct 21, 2020Category: Culture & Arts / Jewellery

You may have been in a jewelry store and noticed that different pieces have different colors. Or you may have heard your friends talking about how their jewelry is rose gold, peach gold, or even white gold! But what does that mean? And why can 2 pieces of jewelry which are both the same Karat gold look a completely different color? The answer is what's inside...

First, let's dispel with the myth that just because one piece of jewelry is a certain Karat, or has a certain amount of gold in it, that it has to look a certain way. While this is true for 24 Karat (99.9%) to 22 Karat (91.6%) gold, it is not true for any other Karat of gold.

Gold gets its color from what other metals are mixed in there. If gold is mixed with copper, it will get a reddish appearance. If it's mixed with silver, it will turn white. And if it's mixed with a lesser amount of other metals, it will remain yellow.

It's also important to note that the color of the jewelry doesn't affect the price! What's more important is the Karat (purity of the gold), and the weight of your jewelry! Some colors may be more popular in certain cultures, such as white gold in Western cultures, but it shouldn't affect resell value. In the end, it's up to you and your personal preferences on what colors you enjoy. If it looks good on you and you like it, then that's what's important!

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