There's gold all around... and even inside of us!

by JasonLast updated Dec 8, 2020Category: Culture & Arts

Yes, that's right! There's gold inside of every human body, including yours! Now before you start getting any ideas, it's not that much. The average body (70kg) contains 0.2 milligrams of gold. Recent studies have shown that the elements in our bodies improve our physical health, and help send electrical transmissions throughout our bodies.

Alchemist Hennig Brand believed that he could extract gold from human urine. He set out to prove this by stockpiling 1,500 gallons of urine (don't ask where he got it from). After boiling it, he instead discovered Phosphorus! And today, it's an important element. It's been used in making deadly explosives and at the same in fertilizers to help feed our world.

There's also gold just outside our body! Each strand of hair contains 12 elements, including gold! And some companies have begun to market this and sell products that let you dip your hair in gold! According to Philip B., the founder of Philip B. Botanicals brand, the precious metal “will slow collagen depletion and increase elasticity and circulation to help with anti-aging... It can also help lighten and brighten”.

It's also important to note that there are several other elements inside our bodies that have other benefits. However, many doctors are taking this to the next step by injecting gold inside people to help combat cancer. Cancer treatment usually involves radiation or strong drugs. Instead, they would use heat to treat cancer cells.

"Hyperthermia is an old technology … first recorded in papyrus by the Egyptians, I believe. It's the first known treatment of breast cancer," says Jeffrey Rosen of the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. One issue with this is that the heat can damage helathy cells also. That's why they inject nanoparticles of gold to help target the right cells.

While we don't buy strands of hair at Cash M Company, we're always happy to help! If you have something that you think might be gold, you're always welcome to bring it in! And whether it's in your body or on the ground; you never know where you might find gold!

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