What We Pay

We pay top cash for your gold, up to $63/gr for 24K gold jewellery.

Gold WeightPrice / Gram
10 Karat$26.25
14 Karat$36.75
18 Karat$47.25
22 Karat$57.75
24 Karat$63.00
9999 bars & coins$68.00

How it Works

gold jewellery

  • We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewellery.
  • We offer Pawning services (also known as buyback) on Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewellery
  • We will offer instant loan. Its very easy! No credit or job required.

Our Location

9025 Torbram Rd., Brampton, ON L6S 3L2

Get 3 steps closer to financial freedom with Cash M Company. Sell your old jewellery, gold and precious metals!

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