What We Pay

We pay top cash for your gold, up to $63/gr for 24K gold jewellery.

Gold WeightPrice / Gram
10 Karat$26.15
14 Karat$36.40
18 Karat$46.85
22 Karat$57.50
24 Karat$63.00
9999 bars & coins$68.00

How it Works

gold jewellery

  • We buy Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewellery.
  • We offer Pawning services (also known as buyback) on Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewellery
  • We will offer instant loan. Its very easy! No credit or job required.

Our Location

9025 Torbram Rd., Brampton, ON L6S 3L2


We at Cash M Company buy almost any type of gold, including gold jewellery, dental gold, coins and bars etc. We are not concerned about your material’s condition or appearance. The value of your gold jewellery is based only on two determining factors: Weight & Purity. If you have some gold that’s been sitting in your drawer for years collecting dust, bring it to us.

We Accept All Types of Gold

Its easy enough to sell gold. You could drop by in our Brampton office, get on the spot appraisal, then instant CASH for your gold. Best rates guaranteed!The price of your gold will depend on its weight and purity measured in karats. Karats are expressed as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K, with 24K almost equal to gold in its purest form. The heavier and purer your gold, the more you will be compensated.

What We Pay for Your Scrap Gold

  • Listed above are our current prices. Gold pricing is changing constantly so please visit this page often for our most up-to-date pricing.
  • We offer some of the highest payouts for scrap gold. Please compare us to other dealers to see for yourself.
  • Please note that we pay for scrap gold only. We are not a precious stone dealer so please be sure to remove any stones in your jewellery that you wish to keep as we do not include these in the weight and purchase price of your gold. We cannot return stones once you have accepted our payout offer so again, please be sure to remove stones you wish to keep prior to sending.

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