Gold Supply in the World

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Everyone wants to have gold. Being a perfect hedge against inflation, it keeps growing year after a year. So demand is there, but how about the supply? Let’s try to understand the gold supply in the world.

Around 90% of all gold supply comes from mining. Another 25% is recycling (like jewellery and gold extracted from technology). Around 2,500 to 3,000 tons of new gold is mined each year. Nowadays experts suggest that there are nearly 190,000 tons of about ground gold on Earth.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Now you might be wondering when will the gold run out? Because as we know, nothing in this world is infinite. Over the past two decades, new gold discoveries have slowed down considerably. But unfortunately estimating the actual amount of gold remaining inside the Earth isn’t easy. There are massive gold deposits deep beneath the surface of the Earth that is too far down to detect.

Because no certain estimate of how much gold is left in the world exists, it’s impossible to know when the current reserves will run out. However, the experts are using the so-called “peak gold” tool to estimate roughly how long the gold mining will last. Peak gold is a moment in time when gold production reaches its highest volumes. There are predictions that peak gold will occur within the next one-two decades.

But even after that happens, it’ll take few decades for the depletion of major mine sites. According to the analysis, by 2050 gold mining might become economically unsustainable (unless scientists discover new ways of mining will). So what will happen to the price of gold when there’s no more supply? Chances are, it will increase drastically due to the excess demand.

Of course, there are many other political and global factors affecting the gold price, which we can't predict decades forward, but overall we can definitely consider gold as a reilable long-term investment.

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