Which Karat Is Best For Jewelry?

by JasonLast updated Jan 27, 2021Category: Jewellery

It's a question almost everyone asks when they walk into a jewelry store, which Karat is best for jewelry? They see two pieces of jewelry that look similar, but one may cost double the other! The sales representative you get might try to push the more expensive one to make a higher commission, but is it really the better one? The answer can vary.

Difference between Karats

First, we have to go over the difference in Karats. The Karat of an item is another way of telling the purity of the gold in there. For example, 10 Karat jewelry (often referred to as 10K), is 41.7% gold. The rest is mixed metal to bind it. Whereas 18k gold is 75% gold, and can often cost almost double the price of 10k because it has more gold purity. This goes up to 24k, which is 99.9% gold and is the purest form of gold content in an item.

Your gold will usually be stamped to help indicate what Karat it is. There are other ways to check your gold at home. You can also bring your jewelry to our location where we can check for you free of charge!

Value and Pricing

The golden rule is, the higher the Karat, the more expensive it will be. Let's assume you have two identical rings, but one is made of 18k and the other is 10k. Both rings weigh the same and are not plated or filled. The 18k will have more gold content, and be more expensive because of it.

Durability & Wear

While higher Karat is more expensive, it's not durable as lower Karat. Gold is mixed with other metals to add durability and make it more sturdy. 24 Karat is 99.9% gold & has the highest purity, but is also the easiest to bend. You could easily bend higher Karat jewlery without much effort, which tends to lead to more issues when worn frequently. For this reason, we do not recommend anything above 18k for everyday wear. While it looks great for rare social events, lower Karat will be more durable & better for common wear.

So Which Karat Jewelry is Best?

We've gone over the cost, the durability, and the use of each one and how they compare. But in the end, the best one is one that fits your budget based on what you want from it. How often you'll wear it will greatly impact which one is best. But make sure you also have a budget, and stick to it!

If you're not sure which Karat jewelry yours is, you can always bring it in to our location. We'll be happy to help you figure out exactly what you have and what the real value of it is!

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